Having achieved planning approval, we are excited to share the progress of The Brickyard as it progresses in detail design. Encompassing the vestiges of an old brickworks site in West Wiltshire, The Brickyard is a former bustling brickworks factory built on a landscape embedded in clay. Adapting the site into a new country house, the aspiration for the project is defined by the exploration of unconventional materials and construction methods yet retaining inextricable links to its context and history.

The project is an essential exploration of what is necessary to domesticate a former industrial site, focussing on the adaptation of its material palette, scale and tectonic. Covering 850 square metres, the house is composed predominantly of low lying structures that together occupy its own monumental scale. Using the materiality of rammed earth, The Brickyard draws from its surroundings in a familiar yet revived vernacular. The rammed earth speaks to its undomesticated past as a coarse aggregation of local clay and earth.