Returning to work in our homes, over the past four weeks we have been presenting short topics in place of our usual Friday morning catch-ups, bringing inspiring new topics to our morning talks. It started with a presentation on the spaces created by Donald Judd’s in New York and Texas, and inspired a line of presentations of which topics each stem from our diverse backgrounds and interests.

From the metamorphosis of the Erechtheion in the Greek Acropolis and its changing function under different imperial roles, to the work of Carlo Mollino, inspired by eroticism and human form in Turin’s Teatro Regio, the office has been taken on travels to buildings that have been altered or added to from sites around the world. This week concluded on the topic of controversy over memory and Colonial identity in South Africa, exemplified by the Port Elizabeth Opera House and its various extensions.

The coming weeks will see us transported to Germany to the buildings altered by Gottfried Bohm, and afterward onto buildings in Portugal and Ireland. The whole team is excited about the new addition to our weekly routines and looking forward to where our travels will take us!